COVID-19 Glossary

COVID-19 is changing almost everything, including how we talk.

Here’s The Official #WorkingSane COVID-19 Glossary.

Your challenge is to use at least one of these words today in a conversation. With a straight face. Uber cool points for no explanation afterward.

COVID-19 Glossary

01: Zumping

You guessed it: Breaking up via ZOOM. Yeah, it’s actually a thing. Zoom + dumping is now zumping. Be gentle.

02: Doomscrolling

The act of mindlessly scrolling through the news about the depressing state of the world for hours on end.

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03: Maskie

A selfie with your mask. It’s all about smiling with your eyes. Hey, how about Maskie 2020, an online virtual beauty pageant for guys and girls––with prizes? LOL, you saw it here first.

04: Quarantini

What people drink during virtual happy hours on ZOOM. Got a recipe?

05: Zoombombing

Invading a ZOOM meeting uninvited. Check out our “ZOOM Mini-Guide” to keep your meetings safe.

06: Coronnial

In nine months, we will welcome a new generation: Coronnials, the children of the lockdown.

07: Covidiot

People who still aren’t washing their hands, and get offended when asked to scoot back in grocery line.

Got a favorite word? Reply so we can add it to our glossary…

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