Morning Routine Made Simple: 7 Keys To Win The Morning, Win The Day

Do you have a morning routine?



After working with 1000s of clients over the years, I’ve learned that EVERYONE has a morning routine. Most people just don’t consciously decide it.

My Productivity Breakthrough

I used to stay up late, wake up tired and spend 12-15 hours every day in my home office chasing success — but accomplishing very little.

The stress ruined my health, relationships, and finances.

Today I get more done in the first 3 hours of my day than I used to get done all day long.

Now I’m free: I get 8 hours of sleep, wake up excited about life, exercise daily, have more time with family and friends, and enjoy time off without anxiety.

But don’t get me wrong: I am NOT a super disciplined person.

In fact, I’ve struggled with procrastination, perfection, and all that other stuff.

What changed?

Well, one of the biggest reasons my life is different today is because I found a way to master my mornings.

I learned three things that transformed my focus and productivity:

  1. mornings matter,
  2. the secret isn’t having a to-do list, it’s building ‘habit systems’ to reach your goals, and
  3. the difference between success and failure isn’t putting in more time, it’s getting more out the time you DO put in.

Today, let’s focus on your morning routine.

Your morning routine or what you do in the first 30-90 minutes of your day can make all the difference in your joy, focus, productivity, health, happiness, and income.

To help, here’s a look at the 7 things you can do first thing in the morning.

I hope it inspires you to consciously craft a morning routine that works for you.

Morning Routine

7-Step Morning Routine Builder

(1) First, say something positive out loud. (<30 seconds)

I have a simple statement that I say when I open my eyes in the morning. It helps me focus, step into purpose, and set my intention for the day.

(2) Second, make your bed. (1 minute)

Whether at home or traveling, making my bed is a small win. It reminds me that uncommon success in life is built on a series of little things done daily.

(3) Third, breathe and meditate. (<5 minutes)

I begin with one minute of deep breathing using the Breathe app on the Apple Watch. Then five minutes of meditation using the MUSE headband. But you don’t need fancy gadgets to get started. All of this can be done “manually.”

(4) Fourth, do 5-10 reps of something. (1 minute)

It’s 60 seconds to “prime” for the day. I do push-ups. Want a next level energizer? Try 30- to 60-second cold shower in the mornings. Just let everyone know to ignore the SCREAM 🙂

Resource: Leverage the power of habit coaching to establish a consistent morning routine habit and make it stick.

(5) Fifth, fuel your body. (<3 minutes)

I have a specific morning nutritional stack: 30 grams of protein, a glass of water (my goal is to drink at least 128 oz daily), supplements, Chocolate Pu-erh Tea (Numi Organic), etc.

*I use a specific set of supplements based on my health goals. There are a few things that benefit everyone and it’s best to find what works for you. Consult your health provider.

(6) Sixth, pray. (15 to 60 minutes)

I now pray for 60 minutes in the mornings, but it didn’t start that way. It was 3 to 5 grueling minutes. 🙂 But over time, it turned into an enjoyable and energizing hour of power that has transformed virtually every area of my life and work. 

Prayer for me is much more than a religious practice, it’s a daily conversation with the wisest person in the Universe and the primary place from which I build my life and work. 

How do I pray? I begin with singing and move into a specific practice that includes a prayer list, a series of questions, and praying scripture with instrumental music. 

I also do 15-20 minutes of reading and journaling. I’m thinking about making a micro-course for entrepreneurs who want to develop a consistent prayer habit using this method. If you’re interested in learning it, please let me know.

(7) The seventh key to ‘win the morning, win the day’ is to complete your #1 task first. (90 minutes)

This is your primary completion for the day.

It’s the #1 thing that grows your influence, attracts clients, makes money, etc.

Authoring content the primary creative completion I do daily. It involves two primary tasks, (1) writing and syndicating a daily email, and (2) designing, developing, and authoring coaching programs, courses, books, articles, etc.

Now it’s your turn.

I realize this seems like a lot, but it isn’t. I started with three things on a checklist. Soon it was a habit and I added additional practices.

To begin, keep it simple. Pick one or two practices to craft your morning routine to win the morning, win the day.

Your coach,

Ramon Williamson

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