Pajamas Make You Fat

It’s so easy when you work from home to roll out of bed, check your phone, and get pulled into work. You look up… it’s noon and you’re still in your pajamas.

It sounds cool, “work in your pj’s.”

But I’m convinced that pajamas make you fat!

Why? How?

Here’s what I’ve noticed: When I get dressed, I tend to stay on schedule. When I don’t get dressed, I wander and find myself in the kitchen (eating) multiple times throughout the day. The result? I start packing on the pounds!

3 More Good Reasons to Get Dressed When Working From Home

(1) Work clothes help you be productive.

Getting dressed puts you in a different mental state that supports getting work done. Think about it, when you want to relax, do you put on a suit? Of course not.

(2) Work clothes help you create boundaries.

It’s important to establish clear boundaries when you work from home. Otherwise, you can feel like work never ends. Getting dressed also signals to others ‘I’m working now.’

(3) Work clothes communicate professionalism.

You know that guy who joins a Zoom meeting from his dark bedroom with a glowing lava lamp in the background? LOL Getting dressed and doing your Zoom meetings from a well-lit room with an uncluttered background says ‘I’m a professional and you can count on me.’

So shower and get dressed every workday.

PS: Yes, jeans and a fun t-shirt can work. The Official Working Sane T-Shirt coming soon… 😉

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