Sleep Mask - better sleep is essential; this mask blocks 100% of light to maximize deep sleep in any environment; plus it's super comfortable

Oura - the most accurate sleep, and activity tracker; another alternative is Sleep Cycle (best with Apple Watch)

Brain FM - focus music for deep work daily

Noise Canceling Headphones - the Sony WH1000XM3 noise canceling headphones are the best I've found

Timer (SetupApp) - laser your focus and speed progress with a timer; I use Be Focused based it comes with my SetApp subscription for Mac

Muse - originally designed to enhance meditation, I use Muse as a form of brain training; it works by translating your brain activity into the sounds of weather based on EEG readings to help you find focus

1 Password - encrypted web browser plugin I use to remember passwords

Loom - simple, easy way to make a video to document a process, train someone, get better technical support, etc.

Canva - simple way to get professional-looking graphics without expensive software or hiring a designer

Calendly - No more phone or email tag when finding the perfect time to meet; Free to start and super easy to use

Zoom - virtual meetings and presentations made easy; you can also use this tool to go live on Facebook (email us for an exclusive special offer for subscribers and members)

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