Top 5 Video Email Tools for 2021

Do you want to cut through the clutter and the noise, command attention, and connect powerfully with others?

Of course, you do!

Video Email Made Simple

Last year, I downloaded a free checklist.

I got an email with a personal video from the author later that day.

WOW, that was different! 🤩

Video email tools now make it simple and easy to add a personal touch and deliver your message in a powerful and memorable way––but surprisingly few people are using this powerful tool.

That’s an opportunity for you!

Using Video Email to Powerfully Connect With Others

Let’s begin with 3 quick tips for using video email to connect with anyone:

(1) Get personal.

Use their name, and let them know you’re making this video just for them.

(2) Keep it short.

No more than 30 to 60 seconds.

Use your video to highlight what’s in your email and prompt specific action.

Wondering what to say?

Here’s a quick outline:

✅ Open with a smile
✅ Deliver your message
✅ Suggest a next step

(3) Follow video best practice.

Make sure the brightest source of light is in front of you. Use an external mic (yes, AirPods can work) so the sound is clear. Position your webcam one to two inches above eye level. Check your background for distractions. Look directly into the camera.

BONUS TIP: Use a mini-whiteboard to personalize your video.

Example I received when I signed up for Warm Welcome:

Want to see how I use video email plus get tips and tools to 2x remote work productivity? Download this free checklist and keep an eye on your inbox. 😉

FREE Checklist:

"Working Sane From Home"

Three Video Email Ideas

(1) Send a personal welcome video when people join your email list or download your free thingy.

(2) Use video email to confirm or follow-up from an in-person or virtual meeting.

(3) Use video email to personally welcome new clients and buyers.

BONUS TIP: Do people ask to ‘pick your brain’ about a certain topic? Prepare and respond with a standard video email with 3 tips plus a recommended resource.

Video Email Marketing Tools

Top 5 Video E-mail Tools

(1) Video in Gmail (Chrome Extension)

This is a free Chrome app. You record the video, then it’s embedded in the email. When people click, the video will play inside Gmail or open to a website with the video.

(2) Warm Welcome

I like Warm Welcome because you can send video emails and also add a video bubble to your email signature. People can also respond to your video using video, audio, or text.

(3) Bonjoro

Bonjoro integrates with your email so when people take an action (join your list), it notifies you to make a video. They also have an IOS and Android mobile app.

(4) Hippo Video

Hippo Video is an advanced, higher-end corporate tool. You can do advanced personalization and us it to collect video testimonials.

(5) Loom

Use loom when you want to show something on your computer screen. You can add a live video bubble of you or not. You’re notified by email when people watch.

How will you use video email?

Useful? Let me and others know by leaving a comment here or in social media letting me know your thoughts, and what you liked best about this post. Also, send me a video email!


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